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200 Miles Running - student success!

Cinnabar students are running daily at school. Running is an important part of Cinnabar's health, wellness, and fitness program. One first grade Cinnabar student ran 200 miles at school in 2016-2017. Cinnabar students set a minimum goal of running a marathon at school each year. 188 students met or exceeded this goal. Many students ran their way into the 100 mile running club.


All students track their running miles at school. Students have an annual goal of running laps on our school track that total a marathon by May 1st. Students meeting their marathon goal earn a marathon shirt each year. Also, students running 100 miles and more earn a running medal at one of our monthly student recognition assemblies. 


Cinnabar's 3 School Rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible!


All students and staff know our three school rules and work together to be and create a safe, respectful, and responsibile learning community. 


This best practice model is called "Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports" (PBIS). Students are set up for behavioral and social-emotional success by being taught how to be safe, respectful, and responsible at school. All staff recognizes and positively reinforces students demonstrating our three school rules.


Cinnabar School is a PBIS school. Students making safe, respectful, responsible choices allows them to maximize their academic learning. PBIS is a bully prevention model. Students and staff are trained on bully prevention protocols. 

Reading for Learning Success

Cinnabar students are proud readers and they know that reading is an important part of their learning!


Our students have books with them at all times allowing them to read daily at school and home. All students know their reading levels and goals as they advance as readers. 


Our monthly academic assemblies recognize students' reading successes. Ask your child what they are reading and how they are advancing on their school reading goal.


Our students know that as their reading fluency and comprehension increases - their learning in all areas improves. Cinnabar students are empowered learners knowing where they are in their learning and working hard to advance to their next learning level. We are proud of all our students.