Kids Corner


Resources to help with Language Arts, Math, & Science, homework or just plain fun!

  • Renaissance Learning

    Student Login Portal

  • Lexia Core 5

    Literacy improvement and assessment

  • Lexia Power UP Literacy

    Student Login Portal

  • Reading Eggs

    Reading games and activites

  • World Book Online Reference Center

    The entire, up-to-date eminent encyclopedia

  • Fact Monster

    Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia & Homework Help

  • Brainpop

    Little animation movies teach an amazing variety of skills

  • Brainpop Jr.

    For the younger student, Brainpop Jr teaches skills through movies & games

  • Yahooligans Homework Help

    Edited resources to help the young student find what he or she needs.

  • Ask Jeeves Kids

    This very helpful resource takes advantage of bringing several search engines together to find the information you seek.

  • Starfall

    A fun way to practice beginning reading skills!

  • BiteSize Literacy

    Learning & practicing Language Arts the BBC way.

  • BiteSize Numeracy

    Learning & practicing Math the BBC way.

  • KS2 BiteSize

    Same as BiteSize Literacy and BiteSize Numeracy, only aimed towards higher grade levels.

  • Poisson Rouge

    Exploratory fun for very young students.

  • ABCYa

    The fun way to practice skills

  • Number Time

    Fun games that challenge and build great math skills

  • A+ Math

    Games, puzzles, flash cards and worksheets make math fun!

  • AAA Math

    To find an area to work in, sort by grade level and subject - then get to work!

  • NASA Kids

    Interested in space and space ships? This is a great NASA site dedicated to kids of all ages!

  • Astronomy Picture of the Day

    For any of the students interested in astronomy this a terrific site

  • Sudoku

    This wonderful web site generates endless Sudoku challenges, puzzles to keep our brains buzzing! And fun!

  • GoodSearch

    Register "Cinnabar Educational Foundation" as your charity and help us earn 1¢/search! It's adding up!

  • KidRex

    The kid-safe Google search engine

  • Dance Mat Typing

    A place to practice keyboarding skills.

  • TypingMaster

    An interactive bubble game aimed at improving keyboarding skills

  • Khan Academy