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Welcome to Cinnabar Charter and Elementary School!

We are STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Music

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Cinnabar's last day of school is June 1 and this will be a minumum day. 


Last day of school events:


On Thursday, June 1, Cinnabar will be having a fun field-day for all our TK-8 students. The school day ends at 1:30 pm and 8th grade promotion will take place at 3:30 pm in the MU.


Thanks to our all Cinnabar families in all that you do everyday supporting the learning success of your child!



100 Miles Running - student success!

Cinnabar students are running 100 miles at school. Part of Cinnabar's health, wellness, and fitness program is our 100 mile running club goal for students. All students track their running miles at school. Students have an annual goal of running laps on our school track that total a marathon by May 1st. Many students exceed their marathon goal and run 100 + miles and earn their way into our 100 + miles running club. When students run a total of a marathon they earn their marathon shirt in May. Students running 100 miles and more also earn a running medal at one of our monthly student recognition assemblies. 


Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports is a best practices model for setting all students up for behavioral and social-emotional success. 

Cinnabar School is a PBIS school. We use positive behavior reinforcement with early intervention and supports so that students can be successful in making positive behavioral choices. Students making safe, respectful, responsible choices allows them to maximize their academic learning. PBIS is a bully prevention model directly teaching and reinforcing the three school rules of being safe, respectful, and responsible. Students and staff are trained on bully prevention protocols. 


Reading Program

Please support our reading program by having your child read everyday at home.

For TK-1 students, please read 15-20 minutes each day. For grades 2-8, please have your child read 30-45 minutes per day.

Ask your child what they are reading and how they are advancing on their school reading goal. Reading is an important part of learning. We ask our students to carry their books with them at all times so they can take advantage of any opportunity to read. We recognize students reading progress at our monthly student assemblies.

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